Friday, September 25, 2009

we heart....Bearly Warm

The lovey Katie from We heart books has delivered us another book review...whilst she waits patiently for her new little bub to make an arrival..........

One of the things we love about our work on We Heart Books is uncovering little-known artists and creatives who have turned their talents to story-telling, illustration and book production – all on their own! We carry a very special collection of self-published, handcrafted titles, sometimes helping these books to find an audience for the first time in Australia.

Robert Frank Hunter is one of these artists, and his stunning book, Bearly Warm , is a truly heart-warming story.

What is a polar bear to do if he can bearly get warm? He could try borrowing some clothes from a washing line, but it’s a problem when they bearly fit… and the owners are bearly happy… The restrained text in this book uses clever wordplay and quirky illustrations to relay a poignant and endearing story of giving. A beautiful story and a work of art – each copy is a limited and numbered edition.

This title and some brand new handcrafted titles will be available from We Heart Books at Magnolia Square Malvern in November and Brighton in December...( and you might get a sneak peak at the newest member of the We heart books family...awww cute!)