Tuesday, September 22, 2009

scissors and paper and parties....

Think of yourself as a bit of a party animal? Well these girls could teach you a thing or two! Nathalie from Imprintables and Naomi from Hello Naomi have joined creative forces to bring you Scissors.Paper.Cake.

The result is a sugary sweet, total solution for a gorgeous children's celebrations. From the oh-so stylish invitations through to delicious gourmet spreads, the girls will ensure your party is one that's talked about for years to come. Choose from different themes or have the girls custom plan something just for you. I love that the boys things are just as amazing as the girls....(says the mother of three boys who is often frustrated at the lack of imaginative bits and bobs for little lads)

Come and meet Naomi and Nathalie at Magnolia Square in Sydney November 19, 20 and 21st and discuss your next tiny and small merriment.