Thursday, July 23, 2009

we heart....a child's day

Katie from We Heart Books takes us through her favourite book of the moment.....

From the moment I set eyes on Ida Pearle’s work, I was so impressed by her ability to capture both the activity and stillness of childhood. Her figures of children are absolutely mesmerising.

Ida is a young New York artist and already making a big impression internationally. When I learnt that her medium is collage I was gob-smacked – each part of her illustrations is cut and glued by hand… And yet she includes such detail and maintains incredible fluidity in every image.

Ida’s choice of papers is stunning – origami and other decorative paper is featured and contrasted beautifully.

Ida’s first children’s book, A Child’s Day: An Alphabet of Play is an alphabet book with a difference. Clearly touched by an artist’s hand, there is no room for C is for Cat in this book – try C is for Catch, D is for Dance… and Z is for Zoom! A child and his or her activities are the theme, providing both an incredible showcase of Ida’s talent and room for a child’s involvement and emulation.

We have imported Ida’s book directly from the US for the We Heart Books store, and it took pride of place on our table at Magnolia Square Sydney. You can imagine our joy when we discovered that across the way from us, our friends from Kindergallery had Ida’s stunning Alphabet cards. It would be a very lucky child (and mum) to be given both Ida’s cards for the wall and the book for bedtime reading.

Magnolia Square Malvern shoppers will be able to see and purchase this beautiful book in just a few weeks…