Tuesday, July 21, 2009

master (or misses) chef.....

The Masterchefs were good.... but the real challenge is coming up with a nutritious meal that children will eat...and time of course is never on our side.

Annika’s Favourites is a delicious range of handmade baby food, frozen in ice cubes, delivered to your door. Using locally sourced, fresh ingredients the business supports local farms, which helps to stay connected to the seasons and take advantage of the unique flavours and diversity of local crops. Buying locally also reduces the environmental impact of transporting products and minimises the degradation of the produce cooking. Annika's Favourites is made in small batches without artificial flavours and colours--just pure, wholesome food.

"Food plays a big role in our lives. Meals are a great time for families to come together and where baby's first mouthfuls are often the beginning of a lifetime love of food. Annika' Favourites embodies this philosophy of familial warmth" says owner Katie.

Peruse the menu at Magnolia Square at Malvern Town Hall 6th, 7th and 8th August.