Friday, May 15, 2009

lmnop ...

Have you discovered the very gorgeous and completely stylish lmnop? If you're stuck on the name here is a clue - think the alphabet song. This little gathering of letters is an acronym of sorts for the words that describe perfectly the philosophy behind this beautiful online magazine; laugh, make, nurture, organise & play.

For the uninitiated, flicking through magazines in cyberspace might seem unnatural but its actually quite simple, especially with a wireless lap top! Get yourself comfy on the couch or propped up in bed with a cup of tea. If you have not discovered lmnop until right now then you have a lot of reading to do, 6 issues in fact and all that before issue 7 lands in your inbox on 25 May! So start now.

Just click here to subscribe. Now you can download the magazine (in PDF format) and browse at your leisure. And the best bit ... it is free! Wow! We love the way lmnop use colour and clever themes to create a really special and totally inspiring layout every time.

If we sound like we are raving, that's because we are!! You see, tiny and small is sponsored by lmnop and we are VERY excited about that. Lovely lmnop editor Jenny Lacey will run pre and post event coverage of our little show. We are in awfully esteemed company, lmnop are also official partners of New York kids trade show BUBBLE and BABY AND KIDS WORLD in Tokyo.

In between issues keep up to date on everything hip parents & their children need to know at the lmnop blog.