Monday, May 18, 2009

Lisa Golightly ...

I have just found myself in THE most divine website I've stumbled upon in a while. Have to say I am feeling a bit left out, cant believe I have only just discovered this! I am referring to the work of kiki & polly artist Lisa Golightly (loving her name as well!).

Lisa and her family are based in Portland, Oregon. She is a portraiture artist but not in the traditional sense. After the birth of her children she began experimenting with ways to incorporate their photographs into her work. The result is just breath taking. Simple, classic yet utterly contemporary.

Inspired from an early age by her artistic father, Lisa has combined her beautiful craft with a young family. These influences are very obvious in her work; there is a strong familial aesthetic. The pieces are unpretentious and heart warming.

In learning a little more about Lisa and the inspiration behind her work we discovered that bloesemkids had done an openhouse feature on their blog. There is something lovely about the houses of creative people ...

I dashed off a quick email to Lisa last night to ask her about international orders and was very pleased to hear she is currently working on a portrait which is bound for Australia ... for more about the ordering process click here.

Kiki & Polly have also developed a body of printed work available on the one stop craft shop etsy. I particularly love this set of 12 counting cards, so subtle with just a hint of colour. The simple way they have been displayed on the twine with tiny pegs is just perfect!

It's ironic that modern technology gives us access to the one off, hand worked and heart felt objects we seem to be yearning for the world over!