Monday, September 7, 2009

the happy nappy....

When is a nappy not really a nappy? When it is a Bambooty happy nappy! We know mothers are the clever, but Amelia Singh may be more clever than most coming up with this ingenious solution to nappy woes.

Enter Bambooty, a range of fashionable, affordable, eco-friendly nappies that ensure comfort for bub and convenience for mum ( and dad of course!) Made from luxuriously soft bamboo, the nappies are both absorbent and naturally anti fungal and antibacterial. Being free from the toxic chemicals and bleach associated with disposable nappies they are also much gentler on baby's skin. Gentler too on the environment and being reuseable from one baby to the next, they are also much gentler on the pocket.

I must admit that despite all those fabulous things, this is the line that most stood out to me! -
"No folding, no pins, no soaking, no bleach, no leaks, no chemicals, no waste, no worries. Welcome to the world of modern cloth." Gotta love that!
See Bambooty at Magnolia Square in Randwick this November.