Monday, August 17, 2009

dreamin of sweet?.....

Sweet Dream Cakes, headed up by baking genius, Yogi Johnstone, creates delicious morsels of edible art.

What began as a solution to a party cake dilemma has now evolved into a bespoke cake and cookie service were very rarely is the same cake made twice. Catering for children's birthdays to corporate girts and weddings, there isn't much Yogi can't create...and she does like a good challenge!

Sweet Dreams Cakes were a hit with the Tiny and Smalls at the July Magnolia Square in Sydney, where many little guys and gals were spotted munching away on a cookie wand. We choose the gorgeous animal stamped biccies for our 'favourite things' stand..and yes the taste test proved that they were as good as they looked!

Keep your eye out for some scrumptious Christmas offerings at Magnolia Square Sydney November. Photos courtesy of The Shoe of Salvation blog.