Friday, July 24, 2009

sweet indeed......

Sweet William is made up of sisters, Shelley, Paula and Jeanine spread from New Zealand to Melbourne. Apart by many miles but together in their passionate for creating all manner of interesting things. Sweet William was named after a pet Persian cat and the flower, Sweet William which represents friendship - a name with both meaning and a sense nostalgia.

"We draw inspiration from all over the place - motherhood, markets, magazines, blogs, film, music, art, design, nature, colour, pattern, etc., and we have a thing for the past, especially old children’s books and vintage fabrics. Illustrating is at the core of Sweet William. We try and keep our products unique by incorporating our very own original artwork."

Paula is the illustrator, her drawings are incorporated into products by Jeanine and Shelley, who love to sew. Recycling and up cycling are key elements in the designs; most of the craft materials are thrifted and or vintage from papers, fabrics, buttons and old games.

Stroll through the range in the Etsy shop or even better, at Magnolia Square in August.