Thursday, June 25, 2009

we heart....the red balloon

Our second review from Katie and Lou at We Heart Books -

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The Red Balloon is one of those books that literally stops people in their tracks. When we had it on display at our Magnolia Square stand in Brighton, people of all ages couldn’t help but stop to stare at the beautifully arresting cover.

It’s no wonder this book is so well-known by mums and grandmas alike. Written and directed by documentary film maker Albert Lamorisse, and starring his 5-year-old son Pascal it first appeared way back in 1956.

The story follows Pascal who befriends a red balloon – one that seems to have a mind of its own! Lamorisse managed to create a balloon with personality, which is both protector and friend to Pascal. Despite many obstacles that get in their path, Pascal and the balloon do not give up on their unconventional and unconditional friendship…

The large format of this book does wonderful justice to the photography that alternates between black and white and colour. The scenes of Pascal running through the wet and misty streets of Paris are simply spectacular and incredibly atmospheric.

The Red Balloon can be hard to track down in Australia – but is available from We Heart Books store. Alongside the book, we also have a unique 3D concertina card sourced from Mrs Eliot Books. Really a piece of art, this would be a gorgeous decoration in a nursery.

We can’t wait to have these beautiful products on display at Randwick next week!