Sunday, June 21, 2009

little miss....

It won't be hard to outfit your tiny and small with the fashionable finds on offer at Magnolia Square. We have selected the very cutest and most unique labels from Australain designers for you to pour over.

If Liberty is your thing (and isn't it every one's?) be sure to browse through the racks at miss b├ęba. Giotta Tringas offers beautifully crafted baby & childrens wear, subtle and clean, with a hint of international - each piece is proudly handmade with love in Australia. Inspiration comes easily from the exquisite Liberty fabrics selected, which are so detailed and distinctive. Liberty style – often imitated, but never duplicated, is characterized by oh so pretty florals with lots of detailed movement.

Giotta describes her range as '100% storybook beautiful' - a perfect summary! See the full range of retailers at Magnolia Square Sydney here.