Sunday, May 3, 2009

it's my party ...

The innocence of childhood…where heartbreak could be fixed with a snuggle and where birthday parties were the things dreams were made of. Back to days when invites came hand delivered from the postman and blowing the candles out really did make wishes come true.

Enter Alannah Rose, a boutique stationery range dedicated to children who find sunshine in innocent things.
Suzi takes inspiration from the small ones in her life and has designed each delicious piece with the child in mind.

“I imagine the delightful anticipation of the birthday child licking the stamp, and the thrill of opening the mailbox and find a treasure inside” says Suzi.

Guests will be enchanted from the very beginning with images of rockets blasting through space, sparrows nesting, monkeys swinging through the vines or the ring master calling his jugglers to perform.

Click here fora full list of stockists or visit Alannah Rose at Sydney Magnolia Square in July.