Friday, May 22, 2009

I have always loved buying beautiful books for my children but until yesterday it hadn't occurred to me that heaven could actually lay right there on the pages. The title I am referring to (and obsessed with) is Wonder Bear illustrated by Tao Nyeu.

The pages of this book without words quite literally sing with joy. Immediately I am torn between preserving the illustrations behind glass, displaying it on the shelf (cover facing out) or letting the kids paw through it and create their own stories. We may need 3 copies!

For the most superbly curated collection of books for little people look no further than Lou and Katie from we heart books. Their shelves are lined with titles sourced from around the globe including small production run, self published books (ask about Toby and the teeny weeny little red riding hood book).

We heart books is an online concept so spotting these rare birds (founders Louise and Katie!!) in the flesh is a treat indeed! Pop into Magnolia Square Tiny & Small at the Brighton Town Hall today until 5pm and tomorrow 10am-4pm and chat with the girls. Click here for venue details and here to see other gorgeous retailers on show.

Going forward you will be able to read book reviews by we heart books right here on LITTLEsnippets then click straight through to their site to buy. Yippee!